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There once was a girl named Alexis,

And she really wouldn’t want me to say this:

She went on a date,

And started to hate

The fact that he sent her some dick pics.
She tried her best to ignore them,

But she just kept getting them from him.

He just wouldn’t stop,

So she went to the cops

And now she’s like “Haha! Fuckin’ got ’em!”


New Blog

Hello everybody on the World Wide Web! I have a new blog, and if you want to read that one go to leximyyers and hit that follow button 🙂


So I have survived taking the bus until the end of this semester. Hooray! I even have two extra bus tickets. I am not going to say that I enjoyed myself, but I am not going to throw away the last tickets. Maybe I’ll give them to someone as a Christmas present.

Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂

Robert De Niro takes the bus!

Crazy story for the hundreds that read my blog!

It wasn’t a normal Monday morning. I was sitting on the bus, and hating it oh so much, but the bus was fairly empty, which was lovely. I didn’t have a fake snake skin purse resting on my shoulder, or a rude man-child who refused to close his legs. I had a complete seat to myself. My backpack had a seat to itself. Not having to go to Radio for 8am meant I was able to sleep in.


Robert De Niro stepped on the bus, and sat in the perfect spot for me to stare at him!

Some of you may be thinking… Ya right! Why would he be in Winnipeg? Why would he be on the bus?

My theory is… He’s here to do a movie about us Winnipeggers, and decided to get right into the life of the average Winnipeg human. It’s a pretty good disguise, but I saw right passed it!

Robert De Niro takes the bus, and I have the picture to prove it!…



Dat fluffy white stuff😍

I love the snow. I love winter and its wonderful fluffy white pillow to catch me when I fall. Winter sports are hella fun, and if you get chilly just throw on another layer. Unlike summer, if you get hot there’s only so many layers you can take off…

So yes I am a fan of the long cold winter months. Thursday was the first time I experienced taking the bus on a dark cold winter morning.

Guys! It sucks!

The bus was late, my feet were soaked and oh so chilly, and the young lady standing beside me did not want to chat. I’m going to blame it on her ear warmer headband  thing…you can’t hear through those right?image

Anyway, the bus was late, I was late, but I met some friends in the hallway who were also late so yay.

This experience does not decrease my love for winter, or snow, or the cold weather, but I do hate the bus so much more.

Bus etiquette.

I may be new to the whole bus thing, but I think  I know some of the rules.

If you get on the bus and there are still seats open…sit in those seats!

I usually sit by the window hoping that no one will chose me as their bus companion. For some reason this blonde guy in a peacoat sat next to me when there was many a seat open for his choosing. What the mother of pearl! There are so many other seats open! Why did you have to sit beside me?

I just want want to say that no matter how much you want to be my friend please seat elsewhere. I’m claustrophobic.

I lost my mom in a grocery store.

No, I’m not five. I’m a 21, almost 22, full adult female…practically.

The other day I went grocery shopping with my mom. I was excited about this. I get to pick the food that will be in the fridge, and I don’t have to pay for it! Also, I had not been to a grocery store in quite a while, so yay.

Naturally, I had to document the entire experience on snapchat. If we’re snapchat friends, you’ve seen it, if we’re not…@leximyyers. You won’t regret it. My story consist of super entertaining things like trips to the grocery store.

So I was snap-chatting away, taking pictures of spring rolls trying to escape their fate, and then my phone died. Horrible, I know. I look up and my mother is no where to be found. She’s disappeared. She’s been abducted. I have a cart full of groceries that I can’t pay for, and my phone’s dead. I look up and down the aisle, while some lady in this stupid checkered ball cap stares at me like I’m crazy, and I cannot find my mom. It’s scary when you’re five, and it will be scary always, at no point in life would it not be scary to lose your mother. I’m looking up and down every aisle, trying not to look as though I need help, because who wants to talk to the people that work there…no one. I’m panicking, but trying not to show it, looking for her. About 10 minutes pass with me looking like a sad child with watery eyes, and here she comes, running up to me holding a Keurig. We didn’t even buy the thing. It will take a while to recover from my traumatic experience before I go to the grocery store again.

I took a bus that day.

Leaping Dragons.

I thought I was starting to become a seasoned bus rider, but apparently not. I always sit at the back of this bus because that’s what I was told to do. My only issue with this is that as a rider you have to open the backdoor yourself, somehow. From what I’ve been told you put your hands on the yellow strips and the door will magically open. IT DID NOT! I stood there looking like an idiot, both hands on the yellow strips, and the door didn’t open! I pulled that thing you pull, the yellow string thing, why is everything yellow?, the bus stopped at my stop but it didn’t let me get off. I then got really awkward and my face turned red. A girl sitting on the seat behind me giggled, and I knew her. It wasn’t just some random girl, I actually knew her from my childhood. Wonderful! Any way it turned out ok, I got off at the next stop and just had to walk a couple extra steps. We shall see what happens next week. :/